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Italy From My Plate 3 – Third Adventure in The Bite Guide Background series!

The Final Adventure – Italian Journey In the BBC series “Two Greedy Italians”, two Italian chefs, Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro Contaldo, take off on a journey to the “country of their youth”. In the introduction to episode 1, Gennaro explains that it had been nearly 50 years since they had visited the places they were […]

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Italy From My Plate 2 – New Post on The Bite Guide!

The Second Adventure – Le15 Cafe, Colaba I walked into the café, my intention fixed – the pasta was going to be had. I’d been planning and saving for weeks. Truffles don’t come cheap. The Truffle Tagliatelle at Le15 Café in Colaba certainly wasn’t cheap at Rs. 600 a serving. But I’d decided. I’d been […]

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Go see! New post on New blog! <3

The First Adventure In 2014, I chanced upon a video of Chef Antonio Carluccio teaching an invisible audience and his cameraman how to make “real” Spaghetti Carbonara. Once I began watching, I was mesmerised. He’d effortlessly toss the spaghetti in a pot of boiling water, gently but firmly ordering the viewer that salt had to […]

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Fashion Essentials for Spring/Summer ’17 – The College Girl Edition

Mumbai has a different definition of winter compared to the rest of the world. While the world shivers and hides beneath layers of clothes, Mumbaikars embrace the slight change in the temperature with full-sleeved tops and jeans. But this slight change in temperature is soon going to change from pleasant weather to hot, humid and almost unbearable! For college-goers, leggings, jeans and ballet flats are soon going to make way for a wardrobe to battle the city’s horrifying heat, all while staying stylish!

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The Box

My dearest readers,

As mentioned in the previous post, I have a string of pieces that I’ve written which I’ll be posting over the next few weeks. This specific one requires a little audience participation. Instructions for participation are at the end. Can’t wait to hear what you think! Without further ado:

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The Whistling Winds Society


How have you been? 😀 So, I’ve been writing a lot recently owing to a bunch of things, and so I have a lot more to post now, thankfully! This post is the only one from the string of the next few that will have any sort of explanation though, so savour it while you can 😛

This is (obviously) fictional, but it’s straight from the heart, and I hope you enjoy it! Please, please give me feedback because without your feedback, really what’s the point of my doing this? Kthanksbai!

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The Outsider

She stood there alone

In a room full of people

She stared at their faces

Nobody looked at hers

They were around her

They stood next to her

They promised her she meant something

Her mind convinced her she was alone

They made her laugh

They listened to her voice

They told her she matters

But then they turned away

She’s still standing here

So are they

But there’s a whoosh of cold air between them

We don’t know who really put it there

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Life comes in the way

It’s been a while since I was here. Inspiration just hasn’t struck in a while. I’ve also started working, which, while great, has been so inexplicably hectic that it’s making me resemble a porter carrying the humongous bags under her eyes.

So, now that we’ve established that I’m incredibly busy and my humor is turning into something unforgivable, I’ve promised myself that I will post more, on a semi-regular basis. To do that, I’m going to need to shorten the length of my posts, or the posting might not be happening. So, for today, sharing a little piece that I wrote last evening on my way home from work. The inspiration for this, well, it comes from so many things in my life, previously happened and currently happening. Without further ado:

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In Which I Went Away on a Hiatus of Procrastination (But, I’m Back Now!)

People of The Internet,

This is nearly a month late because I had my three final exams, and then I’m sure you’d understand that I needed a couple of days to procrastinate, waste time, and basically do nothing. (Yes, I know they mean the same. Please keep in mind that I’ve given three exams that required me to write 15 mark essay questions for material that wasn’t nearly enough! Redundancy is now second nature!) On to more interesting developments:

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